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Drive and Discover: Navigating the Hidden Gems of Pagosa Springs

Heading East towards Wolf Creek Pass

Starting from Pagosa Springs and heading East towards Wolf Creek Pass, our first stop is Treasure Falls about 12 miles east of town. This stop brings you to a spectacular waterfall right off Highway 160. With a short hike of about a mile, you can stand upon the base of this beautiful waterfall.

West Fork Valley Overlook

The next stop is West Fork Valley Overlook, a great vantage point of the magnificent

valley below. Another must-see destination is the Continental Divide and Wolf Creek Pass summit. This destination brings you to the tallest point on Wolf Creek Pass. Displaying maps of the Continental Divide, this serves as a great area to take pictures to show friends and family!

Lobo Overlook

Right before Wolf Creek Ski Area, you can find Lobo Overlook which overlooks the national forest surrounding Wolf Creek. Further along the way resides Alberta Reservoir, a breathtaking alpine lake located just down the road past Wolf Creek Ski Area on Road 391. You can find many stunning alpine lakes on Wolf Creek Pass like Big Meadows Reservoir, Tucker Ponds, and Shaw Lake which are well known for their scenic views and fishing.

Heading West

Heading West you can turn onto Piedra Road (Road 600) where you can find trails like Pagosa River Trail, a fun, family-friendly hike for all. This hike features a river flowing along the well-maintained trail with various locations to dip your feet in the water to cool off. Another destination accessible by Piedra Road is Piedra Falls, a magnificent waterfall with a short hike bringing you upon a huge cascading waterfall. Lastly, approximately a 40-minute drive from the turn onto Piedra Road you can find Williams Reservoir, a breathtaking reservoir surrounded by the gorgeous San Juan Mountains which reflect off the clear and calm water. This reservoir is ideal for those trying to get away and relax, fish, or hike.

Echo Lake

Turning onto Highway 84 heading south on a brief 8-minute drive brings you to Echo Lake. This lake features a relaxing gateway, not too far from town. Activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing are all very popular at this lake. Continuing onward towards Blanco Basin Road brings you to many beautiful alpine lakes and river crossings. Opal Lake is a popular 3-mile hike that brings you through aspen groves and a final destination of a breathtaking alpine lake.


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