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RiverWalk Inn is one of best
Best Pagosa Springs Hotels!

Have Special Occasion coming up?

Wanting to surprise that special someone?


Take Advantage of Our Romance & Celebration Packages!

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Our romance packages are a great addition to the comfort you will experience at the RiverWalk Inn!

Our packages can be added to your reservation upon booking online or over the phone.

Placed delicately in your room before you arrive, your romance & celebration package can include the following:

  • 2 choices of flowers delivered from one of our local businesses right here in Pagosa Springs, CO.

  • A selection of wine or champagne with chocolates and a classy, romantic, bedroom arrangement included.

  • Or a Combination of both!

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We want you to have a restful and quiet night's sleep so you can fully enjoy your special occasion in Pagosa Springs. We take pride with our soft mattresses, luxurious linens, and soft pillows and we guarantee a peaceful nights sleep!  Contact us to learn more about our celebration packages to make your stay a little more special. Join us for your next Pagosa Springs Romantic Getaway!

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